Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CSA Harvest! And, ripening tomatoes

A few scenes from the farmer's market, my greenhouse, and this week's CSA:

 This past Saturday, one of the few sunny market days so far this season.

 Ha!  I finally found a sungold tomato with color last week in the greenhouse... there are more like this...

 There's also plenty of this: heavy fruitset that is solid green.  Someday these will make luscious slicers.  Someday.

1/2 lb. salad greens
1/2 lb. snap peas
3/4 lb. summer squash
1/2 lb. broccoli sideshoots
1 lb. Copra onion
1 bunch kale or chard
1 bunch herbs: oregano and summer savory
1 half-pint raspberries


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